Wae Rebo Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Manggarai regency
2 Days



Hi.. here we will entertain you to visit Wae Rebo Traditional Village. Still located in West Flores, Wae Rebo is one of the dream destinations for everyone who comes to Labuan Bajo, it is because of its extraordinary natural beauty, the house in the form of a pyramid, the surrounding mountains that are very beautiful, make you really feel like you are in another realm, even because of its beauty and uniqueness, Wae Rebo often gets various awards, the last award on May 19,  2022 as a creative tourism destination award (CTDA)As for the history of the origin of the people there, how to survive and many other things that you will hear when you arrive there.

Here is the itinerary of the trip there


Itinerary :

  • Wae rebo village
  • Lingko Cara(spiderweb ricefield


Overview: departing in the morning from Labuan Bajo to

  • Wae Rebo Traditional Village, the trip takes about 4 hours drive to arrive at Denge Village, from here we will take a motorbike to the climbing post.Climbing for approximately 2-3 hours through forests along the way, mountainside slopes, and views of the surrounding mountains are very amazing, the cold atmosphere makes additional energy to complete your climbing mission and finally we arrive at Wae Rebo Traditional Village there we will be greeted by traditional leaders and local communities and we do a little ritual as a request for permission to the ancestors of the village upon our arrival there.After that we are allowed to enter the traditional house where we spend the night and mingle with the local community, the friendliness of the people there makes us feel at home to live there.at night we will be served with traditional food there which tastes very good and fresh while chatting with other guests who want to go there too. We will sleep in the traditional house at the same time as other guests.Waking up in the morning we will be served authentic coffee there while enjoying the warm sun with amazing mountain views around the village, after that we will pack up and Return to the village denge and continue the journey to
  • lingko cara (spiderweb ricefield) the journey takes about 2 hours through the village and upon arrival at lingko cara we will trek about 10 minutes and see the scenery of rice fields and villages around the rice fields.after that we will return to Labuan Bajo passes through Trans Flores road or maybe You want to drop off in Ruteng City depending on your next Schedule


Price:Rp.3.000.000./1-2 pax.(more people get cheaper)

Include: Lunch, entrance fee, accommodation, transport, tour guide

Exclude: personal needed.


Noted: if you have some big luggage we can ask some porter to help bring your luggage to the village, Wae rebo village is an area without signal so finish you job or task before leaving.

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