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Skills in selling tour packages are part of our activity, Flores island is an island that situated in southeast Indonesia and most peoples call it as an Indonesia’s paradise, very exotic Nature fascinated Culture as well as friendly People. Komodo Dragon is agreat treasure for Flores society where that ancient animal can not be discovered anywhere else besides Komodo National Park – Flores island – Indonesia.We are very proud to the natural wealth that we have so that we as local people are able to promote it all to the world.

A reliable company which is often referred to as whole flores tour which is based in Labuan Bajo – West Flores island – Indonesia has been legalized by the Indonesian government Komodo Adventure Tour Package.

whole flores tour also has experienced in handling, a small group tour, a big group tour. As for partner of whole flores tour who have experienced  as well as highly professional in doing a reservation even tourist handling particularly guiding service who want to spend their incredible time here in our beautiful island.

Why Choose Us



We provide flexible options to choose travel schedules according to your wishes. We can also adjust the activities in the tour package according to your preferences and needs.



We collaborate with the best hotels and accommodations in the Komodo National Park area. Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable and clean place to stay during your trip.


Complete Facilities

We provide complete facilities in every tour package we offer. Starting from transportation, food, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, and travel insurance. You don’t need to bother searching and buying these facilities separately.


Experienced Tour Guide

We have an experienced and trained tour guide team to provide complete and enjoyable information about Komodo tourist destinations. They will answer all questions and provide interesting insights about the places you visit.


Positive Testimonials

We have many satisfied customers who are happy with our services and provide positive testimonials about their trips with us. You can read their reviews on our website or on other online review platforms.


Travel Personalization

We offer travel personalization options that can be customized to your needs, budget, and preferences. Thus, your trip becomes more special and in accordance with your wishes.

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Liburan hemat dengan harga terjangkau

Are you looking for an adventure-filled travel experience that will leave you with lasting memories? Look no further! Our travel service is here to offer you an exceptional travel experience that you will never forget.

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